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Client-Centred and Client-Led Therapy

Supporting you as the driving force behind the change you wish to see

Sat on the Rocks

Emotional Reflection

Our day-to-day experiences can bring about a whirlwind of emotions, which can sometimes make us feel overwhelmed, confused, and low in mood (among other things). Sometimes it helps to talk things through with someone to better understand our circumstances and how we can best deal with them. Heartspring Therapy provides a judgement-free space to share, reflect on, and possibly rewrite your story as I support you in dissecting your emotional experiences.


Relationships (intimate partnerships, family, friendships, professional interactions, etc) are a valuable part of navigating life's twists and turns, and meeting our goals. But sometimes our own complexities - our needs, our goals, our values, and even our flaws -  become entangled with those of others whom we care about. This can make relationships a bit more complicated. Through our sessions together, I will support you in identifying and disentangling those "knots" and building stronger bonds in your relationship.

Couple at the Beach

Trauma, Grief and Loss

Sometimes we have to deal with disappointing, distressing or heartbreaking experiences. These may be the death of a loved one, a difficult breakup, surviving abuse, the loss of vocation... Whatever it may be for you, we can agree that such experiences can be very difficult to process. Our sessions will be used to give you time and space to reflect on the meaning of these experiences for your life, and what you may need to move forward when you are ready to do so.

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