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#GirlsOnBoards - A G(irls)20 Program

Today's post is dedicated to highlighting an exciting and wonderful initiative called "Girls on Boards". The title is somewhat explanatory - the purpose of the program is to empower young women with the opportunity of being at the decision-making table on community boards across Canada.

G(irls)20 was launched in 2009 at the Clinton Global initiative with a view to address the low representation of women participating in the decision-making process of critical policies and programs in local communities. This is facilitated through two programs: the Global Summit, and Girls on Boards.

Young women have the opportunity to advocate for change at the global level through the Global Summit, while Girls on Boards helps young women advocate at the local level by bringing them into the decision-making process. The program matches #YoungDirectors with Coaches who provide guidance and mentorship in helping to prepare them for Board Membership

I'm particularly excited about the Girls on Boards program because I was selected as a Coach for a Young Director! I looking forward to not only sharing my experiences, but also navigating new processes and challenges with a Young Director who excited about changing the world in a positive and meaningful way!

You can find out more about the program by visiting, or visit their pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn by searching "Girls20".

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