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Finding Your Happy

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Everyone wants to be happy, right? If you did a survey asking people to define success, "happiness" would be somewhere there in the mix. But finding happiness - and keeping it! - can be quite a feat.

I've observed two main challenges when it comes to finding happiness:

1. We try to control things we have absolutely no control over.

There are simply some things we can't change or control. The past, other people's actions, a particular world leader's Twitter feed, etc. However, because we try to manage things that are out of our control, we become frustrated when things remain the same. The truth is, there are some realities that we have no choice but to accept. Some can be harsh and painful, others a mere nuisance. But by coming to acceptance, you are able to engage a mindset that prepares you on how to manage these realities in a meaningful way, possibly even creating new opportunities for change in the long run.

2. We choose not to make the changes that we can.

Once we're able to identify the things that we can actually address, we sometimes face the hurdle of inaction. For circumstances within your control, there may be inner struggles in the form of past trauma, self-doubt, unhelpful thinking, and emotional stress (among other things) that creates a barrier to your thinking beyond the limitations of these constraints. In many cases, it's not that you can't do what it takes to make meaningful changes - it's that change is hard! It is a difficult process requiring us to be vulnerable to becoming someone who may be a little bit different than the person we recognize in the mirror. It's scary. But think about it - which is scarier? Being stuck in "Unhappyland", or taking the step to finding your "happy"?

Yes, it's easier said than done, and to be honest, it's a lifelong process. What do you think - wouldn't it be worth it?

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