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Three Tips to Enjoy Your Summer to the Fullest!

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

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Summer is finally here! And for many that means long days, warmer weather, and lots of outdoor fun. It can also mean a ton of activities, including spending time with lots of friends and relatives. As a result, in the middle of all that fun, things can quickly become pretty overwhelming. And that can be the difference between an awesome or awful vacation.

So, in the name of keeping the fun alive, here are just a few tips to help you enjoy your summer to the fullest!

Plan ahead

Uncertainty drives anxiety, which fuels stress. It's always helpful to to write down, and/or schedule activities you would like to do. When you plan ahead you're able to make space for eventualities, determine your needs ahead of time, and gather all the resources and items you need to make sure you enjoy your activities. Remember, planning is most effective when you write things down and follow a schedule. It's a real challenge trying to remember everything while trying to beat the clock!

Include others

Having alone time is important, but as social beings our existence (cognitive, emotional and physical) depends on healthy interactions with others. Our interpersonal relationships not only help shape our identities, but create and reinforce neural pathways as we allow ourselves to be exposed to new experiences and skills. So not only are you having fun when you do summer activities together, you are also enriching your emotional and cognitive experience.

Be present

It's easy for vacations to be a complete blur (hey, no judgment here). Family barbecues, vacation getaways, outdoor camping gone awry - these can all make for dizzying summer buzz. But you get the most out of the experience if you allow yourself to be mindful during the process. By being purposeful in observing, describing and participating in each activity (big or small), you are allowing all your senses to take note of how it is impacting you, and how you, in turn, are having an impact on the experience and those around you.

Summer doesn't have to be chaotic or a complete dud. Plan ahead, do it with others, and be present!

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